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Resume Writing

Job-Search Process:
When most people think of Job Hunting, they think Resume, and certainly a resume is an important ingredient. But a resume is only part of the process. A good resume is usually the result of a thorough evaluation.
(For more information, please refer to book “Resume Guide Book” – Page# 6)
Phase I:
Campaign Preparation Phase II:
Interviewing Phase III:
Results in:
• Research (list of companies)
• Resume
• Cover Letter
• Plan for getting interviews
– Networking
– Direct contact
– Search films
– ads Results in:
• Giving them information to keep them interested in you
• Getting information so you can “move it along”
• Plan for follow-up (You may do several in-depth follow-ups with each person) Results in:
• Aiming to have 6 to 10 things in the works, and
• Job Offers!

Job Search Tools:
• Completion of Career Assessment Tools using CDC and online self help tests
• A set of regular updates from NUST Placement Office (NPO) accompanied by visits to ensure career goals have been completed
• Networked with seniors and Faculty Advisors ( Discussions and Informational Interviewing) completed
• Ownership of Career Goals ( Your Life , YOU AT STAKE)
• Goals Plan set ………

What is a Resume?
• A Marketing Tool?
• A Job Guarantee?
• What is your understanding of RESUME`
Seven Storeys Exercise
Developing Your Resume:
Resume Structure Elements:
• Professional Objective / Summary
• Accomplishments / Skills
• Educational Qualification
• Professional Experience
• Hobbies
• References

Objective Statements/Professional Summary (Step 1)
Most Powerful Tool:
Trailer Of the Movie “ Your Career”
Ø Create a Summarised Professional /Technical achievement Based Max.4 Line Summary
Ø Company should feel that you are the “ ONE” for them ( Tailor Made)
Ø Research the expectations of the company using All informational tools
Ø Use Online resume help guides to make multiple summaries

Writing Formula of Objective Statement/Professional Summary
Step 1: Begin your objective statement with the position title, occupational field, area of interest, or type of organisation you want to apply for.
Step 2:Follow this with 1-3 (possibly more) qualifications you offer for interest to the employer. Examples include:
Ø Prior experience
Ø Skills/skill sets you want to use
Ø Areas of knowledge
Ø Areas of expertise
Ø Educational background
Ø Interests/values
Ø Personal traits

Traps to Avoid
It is tempting to write vague, open-ended objective statements to “not miss any chances”. Doing so will more likely result in your appearing undirected and unclear about the type of job you want and/or what you have to offer. Avoid these vague, meaningless phrases.
Ø challenging position
Ø opportunity for advancement/growth
Ø entry level/full-time
Ø a progressive company
Ø fast growing organisation
Ø dealing with people

§ Professional Skills ( Tools used for Developing your Career Movie)
§ A series of professional work verbs that describes your professional proficiency
reflecting the tools for achieving your professional career e.g

ü Skills will change tailored to specific Jobs, Company and your Goal
ü Prioritise according to the Job Description

Questions to Ask yourself! For Resume built up
Ø Did you work with co-workers? Demonstrate teamwork/teambuilding?
Ø Did you train, supervise or assume leadership roles?
Ø Did you solve problems? Make decisions or recommendations?
Ø Did you gather and/or analyse information?
Ø How well were you able to meet deadlines and handle pressure?
Ø Did you utilise and/or develop technical/computer skills?
Ø Did you produce documents and/or reports?
Ø Can you quantify the results of your work? (number of customers served,
Percentage increase in sales, number of employees supervised, etc.)

EXAMPLE of Experience Expression:
Research Assistant June 2001-present
Oil Gas and Electric Islamabad
Ø Prepared reports for regulatory commissions, management, and stockholders
Ø Performed data entry using various word processing and spreadsheet software

Improved methods and formats of statistical information.
Ø Held various positions in food service and maintenance between 1997-
Ø Utilised communication abilities through customer service and time
management skills through prioritisation of projects to meet deadlines.
Ø Held part time and temporary positions from 1999-2001 in word processing, administration, customer service, and independent business management using organisational, self-motivating, and communication skills.