Welcome to NUST Career Soft Skills Development Program - 2023

NUST Career Development Centre welcomes all Undergraduates (UG) from NUST Schools and Colleges  to its Custom Designed Innovative Professional Employability Skills Development Programs – 2023. Recently CDC has signed a joint venture with SBM Pvt Limited which will train graduates on a progressive skill enhancment workshop module series through thier 4 years  degree equipping them with entrepreneurial and remote working tools, targeted to compete in today`s challenging work world. This unique balance of workshop cum trainers based cycle will encompass professional portfolio buiding tools from 1st -7th Semester (UG) across 36 Disciplines in 17 Schools and Colleges. The custom designed programs are available with 2 hour training modules accompanied by specific personality builidng exercises .It is hoped that all NUST undergraduates will benefit from these unique programs along with thier academic education to achieve excellence. All Undergraduates  will recieve an e- certificate from SBM Pvt Limited as part of thier Resume  Building Package for NUST . The Career Soft Skills Development Programs are as follows:

a. Career Soft Skill Development Program (CSDP)

b. Mock Interview Program – 2023

Phone: 03028595754

Email: [email protected]

Office 011, RIC Building ,Near HBL Bank,NUST Main Campus, H 12 Sector , Islamabad

Career Softskills Development Programme 2023