Welcome to NUST Career Soft Skills Development Program - 2023

Career Development Centre (CDC) takes centre stage, acting as a catalyst for students' holistic growth. Through a holistic approach, CDC facilitates the acquisition of skills that are not only academically rigorous but also strategically aligned with the ever-changing demands of the market and industries. Each Year CDC evolves by introducing latest Soft Skills Programs with custom designed workshop and trainings through corporate partners with a team of trainers who are highly specialized to align UG with newest trends.

The company hired to execute NUST Soft Skill Development Program (NSDP) 2023-24 is “SUCCESS SEMANTICS”, represented by CEO Ms. Saleha & her team of trainers.

Email: [email protected]

Office 011, RIC Building ,Near HBL Bank,NUST Main Campus, H 12 Sector , Islamabad.

NUST Soft Skill Development Program 2023-24

NUST Soft Skill Development Program 2023-24 is structured as two phased Soft Skill Development Program with High Lights as follows:-   


a.        Phase – I: ­Soft Skill Development Workshop (1st – 5th Semester):

(1)          Corporate Communication Skills

(2)          Leadership & Organization Skills

(3)          Work Ethics & Character Building

(4)          Emotional Intelligence (EQ vs IQ)|

(5)          Creativity & Whole Brain Thinking

(6)          Time Management & Planning Skills

(7)          Mind Management

(8)          Stress Management

(9)          Networking Skills


b.      Phase – II: Executive Training Program “Class Room To Board Room” (6th & 7th Semester):

                     (1)       A highly specialized program for 6th & 7th Semester across all disciplines by the name of “Class Room To Board Room” has been designed. This program will be a 3 hrs intense training for UG to polish, develop & learn key corporate skills to compete in the Job Market of 2023 onwards. 03 Hours Training Modules as below:

Executive Programme-Class Room to Board Room



Executive Training Program for 6th and 7th Semester (UG)- 3 Hr.



Crafting Compelling Resumes: Your Gateway to Professional



Mastering Interviews: Navigating the Path to Professional Success



Elevating Success through Emotional Intelligence



Time Management for Academic and Professional Success



Leadership and Organization: Cultivating Effective Leadership Skills



Fostering Effective Teamwork and Collaboration



Mastering Mind Management & Problem Solving



Empowering Mind Management & Effective Problem Solving




Mastering Stress Management for Academic and Personal Success



Excelling in Interpersonal & Communication Skills



Unleashing Effective Problem-Solving Skills



Interview: An Art or Science